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New update on the vert shock program review, we have been asked a lot of questions about it!

It seems like a lot of you guys does not know what to do about your jump training, and the when i ask you what program you are using, you always tell me that you dont know.

Simply put guys – You need to have an appropriate training program, if you want to see increases in jumping strength.

The vert shock program should do it for you, and if you are interessed in knowing what i think of it, you can read my review on the program here: vert shock review

And if you want my own guide on jumping higher, you can read it here: How to jump higher fast.


In my own guide i have included a lot of videos to let you know how you quickly can improve your jumping, but i have not my own videos yet, though they will come eventually.


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Basketball – How to jump higher

How to jump higher

In this first article of this page we are going to talk about the game of basketball, and how to jump higher in that sport. We are going to talk a lot about basketball here on the site, so it is only natural to start out with such a talked about subject.

Jumping higher in basketball is a very common concern, because it is extremly important in basketball because of the high basket that you have to put the ball in.

There is a lot of popular programs on how to jump higher fast today, but there is a lot of the program that does not work, and if they may work, they can be harmfull to you. The reason for this is that these programs focus to much on jump training, and to little on strengh training of the legs, which is just as important as jump training.

I have come across a few programs in the last years, and i have found one that is better than most of the others. The program is called vert shock.

The vert shock program

The vert shock program is a program made by adam folker who is a former basketball player. A guide and review on the vert shock program, you can find here: Vert shock review which goes into detail on why you should buy the program.

The program pretty much tells you everything you need to know to jump higher, and that is pretty cool. A lot of programs out there does not cover all aspects of jumping higher, but this one does. The fact that Adam Folker is a former pro-player also says a lot about the program. The program is very well structured and looks very professionel. The program is easy to use, and every guy (or girl) looking to jump higher, should try this jump program

On our sister page Chris Jumps you can also read a review on the vert shock program.



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